Оля (olga_l) wrote,

Взяла себе онлайн класс по "Introduction to Finance", но пока не притрагивалась к учебнику))у меня какой-то суеверный страх перед этим предметом, почти как перед пауками))настраиваюсь морально)
Только что получила прекрасный имейл от преподавателя. Вообще, наверное, стоило брать этот класс только ради этого письма))
Dear Olga,

Hope you are working hard and enjoying the class. There is a ton of activity and action on the forums which is simply wonderful. I strongly believe that learning from each other, with a little push from the faculty/coach, is the way to go. Learning is still viewed as an individual effort and can therefore become a very competitive endeavor. I believe that view of learning is limited, and my hope is that the internet will demonstrate the power of collaboration. It already has in so many ways, and hopefully it will happen in higher education as well. The more educated and empowered we all are the better off each one of us will be as well.

I wanted you to know how humbled I am by your interest in this class. My hope is that I can deliver and make a difference. I would love to participate actively in the forums, because I care about you all. But I am purposely refraining from doing so because I know that is all I will end up doing and still not be able to keep up. Just the volume of activity is so much.

Дальше идет описание структуры класса. Но концовка меня просто убила))

Finance is the best thing that I have known in my life (other than Love of course); because, once you get it, you do not need to Google anymore!

May the force be with you, always!


Круто, однако))Finance is the best thing you have known in your life?Like, really?)))

Все, теперь точно буду учиться)))

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